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🔥 "Doria.." - Japanese Rice Gratin? Yes please! 🔥

Have you tried our Doria yet? Better yet... what is "Doria?" 💭

Doria is a mouthwatering, Japanese-Italian fusion dish. 🥘 It is like potato gratin except instead of potatoes, the Japanese decided to use rice. Over scrumptious soft rice, it is then layered with Italian style marinara, bechamel, and mozzarella.

Enjoyed widely throughout Japan, we've decided to give this popular fusion dish a vegan twist.

We make ours with Big Island macadamia nut-based bechamel & mozzarella melted over aromatic jasmine rice. This creates

Now while usually Doria has meat, we decided to go with including hand-pulled rotisserie BBQ jackfruit and meaty island mushrooms from the Hamakua coast. 😋

The result - meaty, hearty, and comforting. Our Doria has the perfect flavorful wombo combo to knock your tastebuds out of this world! 🚀 And because it is made with all natural and vegan ingredients, our Doria will leave you feeling full, satisfied, and healthy. But first, you gotta eat it to believe it!

P.S. We can also make our Doria gluten-free as well.

👇 Try it out for yourself. Click the "Order Online" button below to get yours today :) 👇

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