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Image by Brooke Lark

Sweet Journey

Aloha! We are Journey to Good Health Cafe LLC. Founded by Samuel Kuo and Chef Pablo & Emilee, we believe that full healing and transformation is achieved through tapping into the regenerative power of the land. We look to the source of all life, the land, which nurtures all life with health, wealth, and abundance.

While we live in a country of affluence, we are seeing a decline in health. Some look to pills or nutritional supplements to boost their immune system. However, many forget that it is the land that nourishes all life forms, not pills. Unsustainable agricultural practices waste away the precious nutrients and minerals in the soil, which is the original nutritional supplement for all life forms. It is only healthy soil that produce resilient, vibrant produce that can truly nourish life. Therefore, we support local farmers who practice sustainability. They provide us the best healing foods for our farm-to-table operation. And in turn, you can experience the healing power of food raised with love. 

Come join us on a journey to a new health paradigm. Support local farmers, breathe and exhale joy and love, be a good steward of the planet, and be the change that you want to see!

Samuel Kuo is a driven individual passionate to make a change in environmental and food sustainability. Samuel found his calling after having reversed his own health condition of arthritis through natural food medicine in Japan. In further pursuance of his passion, Samuel left Japan to work at the Tree of a Life US Rejuvenation Retreat Center, an alternative treatment facility in the United States for treating diabetes, where he found his talent as a gardener and a plant-based chef. Samuel seeks to implement what he has learned about holistic, integrative healing as the model at Journey to Good Health Cafe LLC.

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