Healing foods

"This is our Journey. We would like to share it with you: the journey from processed food to healthy food, gentle and healing to our land and our spirit.

We believe that healing comes from aligning with the power of nature. Therefore, we pride ourselves in buying vibrant produce from local farmers and meticulously handcraft each dish with utmost care.

With each bite, you will find that our food is full of life, full of flavor, full of love. For love touches the heart and heals the soul.

This is the magic of healing food. Food that takes us on a Journey to Good Health. Heal the people. Heal the land

That is our Journey."

- Team Journey


produce from
big island

Made fresh to order

sourdough culture
easy to digest

gluten-free options

elixirs and tonics

Journey to Good Health Cafe LLC
Journey to Good Health Cafe LLC
Journey Cafe Big Island
Journey Cafe Big Island
Journey Cafe Big Island
Journey Cafe Big Island


"My friend and I both had the Margherita sourdough pockets today. They were fantastic! So well crafted- the pocket was light and crispy- but sturdy enough to hold the delicious filling in! Great deal too! We will be back! See you again real soon♥️"

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